Steve Timm


Introductions, Part one: the patriarch.

Timm's Lumber & Sawing is a family owned and operated business. As a matter of fact, our only employees are family. Currently there are three of us Timm boys that work here. We will start with the oldest and wisest.

Steve Timm (or Dad to some of us), started Timm's Lumber & Sawing while he was working commercial construction in the 80's. The first thing we offered was custom sawing which Steve did on evenings and weekends. Steve is a husband to Peg Timm, and a father to four boys Joe, Jeff, Matt, and, Jake.

When Steve is not working he enjoys canoeing, camping, and hunting. As kids, we did many camping and canoeing trips, and when time allows we still do. 

Steve also enjoys smoking meat, which has become somewhat of a family focal point. It's just not a holiday unless there's a brisket in the smoker.

Steve is a straight shooter. It's rare that we don't know what he is thinking, and you will always get the truth from Steve.

He never leads a customer on or makes a promise he can't keep. Underneath his rough exterior is a man who cares about people and about doing things right the first time.

Steve builds things to last. He learned this from His father Russ designed and built several of the pieces of equipment we still run today. Russ lives on in the spirit of excellence he passed down to all of us and the one of a kind machines that make our work possible.

In the late 90's Steve built a timber frame addition onto the family home and ever since then his favorite projects around the mill have been the big ones. projects like timber frame trusses for a great room or front entry. the kind of-of project that requires precision and thought but also lots of man power. In other words, something where all of us can work together on. We all love this form of building, its beautiful functional and we feel we are preserving a lost art by continuing the ancient tradition.

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Jeff Timm

Jeff is the second of the brothers, husband to Shelby, father to Jaxson (2 years old) and Aubree (6 months). If you've seen pictures of a cute boy riding in our bobcat on social media it was Jaxson for sure. He loves spending time in the shop with the boys, much like his dad.

Jeff has always liked to be in the shop, as a young boy he wanted nothing more than to be a part of what dad was doing. As a teenager working at the mill was his first job, and he loved it. he is undoubtedly the biggest and strongest of our current team. As we like to say we are glad he is on our team. 

Although Jeff's first job was at the mill and he works here now, it's not the only job he has had. Jeff has worked for a few different companies over the years. He has worked as an insulator, a landscaper, and carpenter. He has spent countless hours on many machines and is undoubtedly the best operator we know or have worked with. He spent a few years working in Montana doing siding and windows. But He is glad to be back and we're glad to have him.

In His free time, Jeff enjoys nearly all motorsports. It started as a teenager with a four wheeler, but now he also dirtbikes, snowmobiles, and has even been known to take his truck off-roading. He loves to get a group of friends together and head to a state forest for a few days to play. 

Jeff also loves to be around people. Don't let the beard and rough exterior fool you. If you have anything to say about engines you'll get along just fine. Jeff has always loved motors and is gifted at figuring out how things work and why they aren't working. Whether its the bobcat, or brakes on the trailer, or what kind of tires to get for our truck Jeff is the guy to ask. He keeps this place running and is always looking to improve how we do things here at the mill.

Jeff really enjoys the custom furniture we make here at the mill. This part of the business has definitely grown a lot the past few years and mostly due to Jeff. He has worked hard to get the word about what we do here and really push this side of the business. He's always dreaming up a creative way to make one of a kind piece. Jeff has a special affinity for any furniture with a live edge and a more rustic feel, but he can make just about anything.


More recently added to the team would be me, Joe.

I am the oldest of the four boys and proud of it. I am married to Shannon Timm, no kids yet but we both love being uncle and aunt to the 6 nieces and nephews in our life right now. 

I love cooking and especially smoking meat. I literally dream about new things to try cooking in the smoker, and so far I've done turkeys, ham, brisket, pork shoulder, bacon, whole rib-eyes, a few roasts (who needs a crock pot?) and cold-smoked a few kinds of cheese. Who knows what will be next? 

I also really enjoy a good whiskey or cocktail, I think in another life I might have been a bartender. I love learning about old cocktails and the traditions around them. I also enjoy a good beer about 5 o'clock most days, but who doesn't. I have even been known to host a whiskey tasting now and again. As a matter a fact I'd love to discuss a project with you over a beer or other magical beverage.

I also love music, I've played drums since I was 14, and still do about twice a month. I started learned acoustic guitar when I was 17, at the time I also did a bit of singing. I worked at a church as worship director for about 2 years. About that time I started to play around with electric guitar, which is now my favorite Instrument to play and I do with a few bands, besides playing at church. Nothing big time but we have fun.

Unlike Jeff, I didn't grow up wanting to work at the mill. I wanted to be a music director for a couple years and found out it wasn't for me. 

Before that, I did work construction for a company called Thompson remodeling out of mound MN. I'd recommend them if you're looking for a contractor. I also worked a few months with my brother Jeff in Williston, and also for a framing company in Minneapolis.

Working all these Jobs made me realize that what I really wanted was to create. To live close to where I work, like my dad did while we were growing up. To go to the same place most days but get to do different things some days. To work with my hands and spend a lifetime mastering a trade. and by doing so preserve generations of knowledge. In a culture where so much of what is produced is disposable, I want to make things that last generations; things that add beauty to a home or space and that stand the test of time.

My favorite things to work on around the mill would have to be projects that combine cabinetry with furniture. Things like a bed frame with drawers under it or a free standing bookcase. I really like incorporating function with beauty. We tend to separate the two in our culture and I love to make both work together.


Joe Timm