Can I talk to Tim? Which one of you is Timm?

OK listen up, We’re all Timm! If you’ll notice the spelling is a bit different. Timm is our last name. Yes, we have two first names.

Does Timm’s lumber and Sawing cut down or remove trees?

No, but we sure do have people we can recommend. 

How long has Timm’s Lumber and Sawing been in business?

Nearly forty years, I believe its thirty-seven, but who’s keeping track. And yes we’ve been at the same location the whole time.

What are your hours?

Monday through Friday 8-5 and Saturdays by appointment. 

The best way to ensure some will be there to help you is to call first however, drop-ins are always welcome.

Do you buy logs?

This is a good one. We will buy certain logs at least 12 inches in diameter or more, straight for 8 feet or more, and depending on the species. The price will be determined by grade and board feet that the log may yield. For more information or how we purchase logs click here.

Where do you get your lumber?

The majority of our material comes from local tree service companies. We’ve been here a while and have good relationships with several loggers the area. Often, when we need logs to fill an order we rely on what a logger has in their lot or something they are taking down in the near future that suits what we or our client's needs.

Do you store lumber?

No, we do not store lumber. 

Where can I find you?

7290 county road 6 maple plain, mn


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